Timo Rauhala

Timo Rauhala is responsible Golf Mentors’ coaching and mentoring services. Rauhala is Finland’s top golf instructor and former professional player. Rauhala has won the Finnish PGA Coach of the Year Award multiple times as well as European PGA’s 5-Star Professional Award. Timo is best known for being Mikko Ilonen’s head coach and he has also worked with many other successful golfers such as Minea Blomqvist and Henrik Stenson. Rauhala is also a well-respected speaker, educator and mentor, and a member of the PGA of Finland.

We are professional golfers from the heart of golf. We have a passion to inspire young golfers to become interested in the challenges of the game. Our work is based on understanding and respecting the requirements needed to succeed. We believe in the power of clear goals and processes leading to the achievement of these goals. Our strength is to provide interesting content to different types of events that will help participants to identify the core of their own challenges and motivate them to perform in ways that will lead to achieving their goals.

We offer coaching and mentoring services for individuals, teams and organizations within golf and also outside of the golf environment. We offer content and lectures for golf events, seminars, educational programs as well as management and business consulting services.